12 of My Favourite Photos from 2012

2012 was a bit of a slow year for my photography with other things going on in my life.  However, I did manage to get out a few times over the year, and I would like to share 12 photos I have taken that I sort of like more than others.

Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees (HDR Version)

Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees (HDR Version)

The Infinity Bridge has been around for a good while now, but its taken me until now to photograph it.  Ideally I would like to be there when the water is completely still so I can get “That Perfect Reflection”.  Who knows, I might get it this year!

Two Sides to Every Person

Two Sides to Every Person

A friend of mine let me pop round to his house on Halloween Night to photograph himself and the kids.  Earlier on in the year, I attended a Portrait with Flash workshop run by Going Digital.  For this photo I used flash and a shoot through umbrella – final processing was done using Photoshop.

Ashness Landing, Ashness Bridge, Keswick

Ashness Landing, Ashness Bridge, Keswick

This is a classic shot from the Lake District, and I have been trying to find one of the many piers around there to recreate it.  Its not as good as the famous Pier Shot from the lake, but I am more than happy with it.  Am going to revisit the lakes more this year to try again.



From Landscapes to Insects.  In 2012 I started a learning curve of macro photography.  A lot of photos didn’t turn out because of either camera shake, I wasn’t quick enough, or wrong place wrong time sort of thing.  Macro is another avenue of my photography I am going to concentrate on in 2013.

Sushi - Inner Farne Island, Northumberland

Sushi – Inner Farne Island, Northumberland

I’ve been to Seahouses in Northumberland quite a few times, but last year was the first time to get on a boat to visit the Inner Farne Island.  The trip was time limited, but I wish I could have spent all day there.  This is another classic shot from the area, and I am so pleased to have bagged this shot (among many, many others).

Castlerigg Stone Cirlcle - Lake District

Castlerigg Stone Cirlcle – Lake District

Taken very early one cold February morning last year, this was a “grab-shot” of the sun just coming over the distant crag at Castlerigg Stone Circle.  I’ve been back there a few times since, but never managed to capture a similar scene.

Steam Powered - Levisham Railway

Steam Powered – Levisham Railway

North Yorkshire has a great steam railway which runs from Pickering to Whitby, travelling through Heartbeat Country (a great series on TV set in the 60’s).  I’ve only travelled this route once a good few years ago and am determined to do it again having moved into DSLR territory.

Kelly - A Bride in Waiting

Kelly – A Bride in Waiting

Kelly, a work colleague, asked me to photograph her wedding – it was a great, but long day, and I got a lot of great photos.  I chose this image to show you because I just love the way the black & white conversion has worked.

AquaBeauty Sails Out - Redcar, Teesport

AquaBeauty Sails Out – Redcar, Teesport

Redcar Gare, known to locals as Paddy’s Hole in Redcar, Teesside, is a favourite haunt of mine.  There is still plenty to explore around there, so I will be there again and again this coming year.  It was the colours in the sky that made me go for this HDR photo.

The Hidden Photographer

The Hidden Photographer

This photo was taken on a workshop with Going Digital for Portraits with Flash.  This young lady (Bo) was part of the class, and with my flash gun off camera I bounced the light to get this intriguing shot.  The black & white version works far better than the colour.

Sunset Fiesta

Sunset Fiesta

I took this photo practising my newly acquired flash skills.  I exposed for the sky, then with the flash just to the right of the boot (mounted on a stand) took the shot.  Some processing was done in Photoshop, but I tried to keep it very minimal.

The Crowded Tree (Multiplicity  Image)

The Crowded Tree (Multiplicity Image)

For my final photo, I just had to show one of my ‘Multiplicity’ images.  This one was done back in February 2012, and it was a very cold day. Going to be doing more of these this year, so will post when they are done.

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