It’s Good To Be Back

I have not posted since June 2013, and my photography has been on the backburner for a while.

Sadly, my mum passed away July 24 2013 from cancer at the age of 64.  My mum and I regularly went out on ‘camera days’, so I think you can understand why I’ve not been around.

To begin with, I want to share a photo I took October 2013 of Dunstanburgh Castle.  This photo is dedicated to mum. 

Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle

There were four of us out on this day, and it was good to be out with friends again.  Northumberland is a wonderful place to visit.  We started off at Holy Island, then Bambrough Beach (didn’t do the Castle this time), then on to Dunstanburgh Castle.  Here’s a selection of photos from the day.

My next outing was again in October.  I was helping a fellow photographer understand off flash photography.  Most of the family was there so we thought it would be fun to do some family portraits while there.

Hartlepool Headland and North Gare (near Redcar, Teesside).  I didn’t use my D90 at all at the headland, but instead used my iPhone 4s.

iPhone 4s Photography - Crashing Waves

iPhone 4s Photography – Crashing Waves

When I posted the above photo on Facebook, a few people asked me for the settings on my camera to capture the crashing waves like this.  They couldn’t believe it when I told them it was from my phone!

Although I have not been out much, I have forced myself to learn more.  I’ve found (and now subscribed) to a few photographers on YouTube.  Their videos have helped me boost my photography and processing up another level.

Glyn Dewis

Glyn is an English photographer, retoucher and trainer, who has lots of free video tutorials to watch, along with Pro Training Videos.


Next is a French photographer, Serge Ramelli who is based in Paris.  This guy has changed the way I process my photographs dramatically.  Again Serge has lots of free video tutorials as well as Pro Training Videos.

Finally, for now, is Aaron Nace from  Loads of free video tutorials for Lightroom and Photoshop.

I do subscribe to many other photographers, but these are the main three I visit regularly.

For me, I firmly believe you can never stop learning, so watching video tutorials, attending photography workshops, or just learning from each other is an ongoing thing.

Finally, I would just like to say its good to be back.


4 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Back

    1. Mark White Post author

      Thanks for leaving a comment and your great feedback. I’m lucky in a way that I’ve got the landscape on my doorstep, and CityScape not too far away 🙂

  1. outdoorcanvas

    You have a talented eye. I really like how you capture the countryside. I especially like the shot of the old row boat…I’m sorry to hear about you loss as well. Hopefully getting back into nature more will help you heal inside.

    1. Mark White Post author

      Thank you very kindly for you comments. I really appreciate them.

      It’s taking a while to get myself back to rights, but I’m getting there. Along with my landscape photography, I am now moving into Dog Photography – it’s helping me a lot, and keeping my mind active.

      Thanks again 🙂


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