Dog Photography – My Newest Genre

Back in January of this year, I was lucky enough to attend a Dog Photography Workshop with Andy Biggar, a well known, and truly talented dog and equestrian photographer.

There was a lot to take in, and although the weather wasn’t too great, I learnt a lot.  Andy is a great teacher, has lots of patience.  Visit Andy’s website and take a look at his fantastic work, and while you are there check out his Workshops section.

Here is a small selection of the photos I took on the course:

Owning two labradors I’ve always been interested in photographing them, but I could never get the settings and poses right.  After attending the course, my dog photography leapt up (pardon the pun) a few levels.  Every opportunity I get I am photographing either my two or friends dogs.

Max, pictured below will be 12 years old 31 May, but he still loves to be out and about, running along beaches, swimming.  Even more so now that we’ve introduced a new pup.  Well, no longer a pup, Chester has just turned a year old.

Max - 12 Years Old

Max Loves the Camera

Chester has just turned one year old, and now really enjoys playing with a ball as well as his big brother.

Chester - 1 Year Old

Chester – 1 Year Old

Its great when I can get lovely portrait photos, like the two above, but its also great when you can catch dogs having fun, enjoying themselves in the great outdoors.

Lucy Enjoying the Water

Daisy Enjoying the Water

Action shots are fast becoming my favourites too:

Playtime in the Field

Playtime in the Field

Especially when the dogs really go all out playing with each other:

Coming Through!!!!

Coming Through!!!

I’ve now added a new section to my blog, called Dog Photography, oddly enough LOL, and I will be posting lots more photos of dogs.  Hope you enjoy viewing them, and reading about their days out.

Lucy Waiting Intensely for Her Treat

Lucy Waiting Intensely for Her Treat

When I am taking photographs of dogs, either portraits or action shots, I can expect to take up to and over 1000 photos per session.  Then its the long task of trawling through them to get rid of duplicates, out of photos etc.  It just feels great when you capture THAT shot!

Chester Enjoying the Surf

Chester Enjoying the Surf

I am truly enjoying dog photography, so keep popping back for new posts in this new venture of mine.

The Big Shake Off

The Big Shake Off


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